Wedding in Private Villa

Wedding at your Private Villa


For the ultimate PRIVATE wedding, My Greek Wedding Planners can help organise your wedding ceremony and/or reception at your own private accommodation.  If you would rather stay close to home and have your symbolic ceremony by the pool, we will set up the area with covered chairs and tables for all your guests and our celebrant will conduct your symbolic ceremony to your exact liking.

Our professional catering company will cook up a feast for your guests on a bbq and serve everyone right there on your own doorstep with minimal interference or fuss.

If you let us know where you will be staying, we will personally go and check out the property beforehand to see if it is practical and easily accessible for everyone concerned.
There are numerous villas on Kefalonia, of all shapes and sizes to suit all party sizes and budgets.....

Check out some of our recommended villas HERE.


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