Father of the Bride

Your daughter's wedding day is probably one of the proudest days of your life... With mixed feelings you are happy that she has found someone who will cherish and love her but sad to know that you are no longer the 'love' of her life.

Alina and her dad....St Christopher's Chapel, July 2015

Here we want to give you some tips and ideas of what your daughter will be expecting from you on this magical day !!


Gemma and her dad ... Skala Beach, Sept. 2015

Financial contribution to the wedding fund.

It used to be tradition for the father of the bride to pay for the wedding, but nowadays the trend seems to be more sharing of the expense between both sides of the family, including the bride and groom.  What is clear however, is that both sides need to fully understand and agree on who is paying for what, right from the very start.  Sit down with your daughter and new son-in-law and discuss with them how much assistance they will need and how much they can afford to contribute themselves.

Accompanying the bride to the ceremony.

This, we have seen over the years, is one of the most cherished and important moments for the bride.  It is her last time together with her dad as a single lady, and a treasured moment for you to give her some last minute advice and good wishes before she is swept up in the festivities.

Angela and her dad ... Lourdas, May 2014

Walking the bride down the aisle.

Probably your most important role of the day.... and one which you should rehearse at least once during the lead up to the big day.  You will both be nervous but reassured by each other's presence.  Traditionally, the father of the bride walks on the left hand side of the bride and then takes his awaiting seat next to the mother of the bride.

Joy and her dad... Skala Beach, June 2015

Sarah and her dad.... Villa Brio, May 2015

Keeping a watchful eye on mom.

If the father of the bride thinks it is an emotional day, just imagine what is going through the mind of the mother of the bride !!  Her little girl is 'flying the coop' and will now be someone elses responsibility.  Usually, mom has been much more involved in the wedding planning from the start, and now seeing it all in fruition is bound to bring a tear or two to her eye.  As father of the bride, you will need to check on mom every now and then to make sure she is coping well under the pressure ... usually a glass of wine (or two) helps !!

Sarah's Mom.... August 2015

Sarah's Mom... Old Times Taverna, May 2015

Father of the bride speech.

Something else you will definitely need to practice a couple of times beforehand, is your speech.  Traditionally, the father of bride leads the speeches, and is usually a tribute to his beautiful daughter, and a welcome to his new son-in-law.  This is very nerve racking is you are not used to speaking in front of people, but we find doing this early during the evening, rather than later, allows you to relax and enjoy the rest of the celebrations.

Laura's dad .... Sept. 2015

Sarah's dad ..... Old Times Taverna, May 2015

Father of the bride dance.

At this point in the evening, you should be totally relaxed and ready to party.   A dance with your daughter can be simple or fancy, whichever you both agree on (and are physically able to do !!).  It can be a song that is sentimental to the two of you, or something you both put together to display your dancing abilities.

Angela and her dad ..... May 2014

Danielle and her dad .... May 2014

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