Katy and Paul

We have known Katy for about 10 years .... as that is how long she has been coming to Kefalonia for holidays with her parents and her beautiful daughter Daniella.  After she introduced her fiance, Paul, to Kefalonia, there was no doubt in their minds where they wanted to get married.  So, we were absolutely delighted and honoured to help them with their MULTIPLE wedding plans here in lovely Lourdas, Kefalonia.


Paul did possibly the most romantic thing ever and proposed to Katy, on one knee, in Italian, in Rome !!!  Seven months later, they were back on the island they love so much with nearly 50 of their closest friends and family for a WEEK long party to celebrate their marriage.


Paul and Katy exchanged their vows at the rustic Agia Paraskevi Chapel, in Lourdas, just minutes away from their accommodation and Andromeda Centre, with a mandolin and guitar player to lead Katy to the altar.  Their guests were seated in the shade of the beautiful scented pine trees and our photographer made sure to get every magical moment of this ceremony.


They block-booked Eleni studios in Lourdas, so that their guests could easily get around on their own.  Every day, they planned something different for their guests ... these two really know how to have a good time !!!  A boat trip to a secluded beach for a private bbq ... a day at Costa Costa beach for the boys, where they dressed up like leprechauns (a tribute to Paul's heritate) and spent the afternoon on jet skis and speedboats.... a manicure party for the girls... a bbq night at Eleni Studios.... there was never a dull moment !!


For the reception, Katy and Paul hired a greek band with traditional dancers who entertained everyone into the 'wee' hours .... Their menu was pre-chosen so everyone got exactly what they wanted, even vegetarians, and anyone else with specific dietary requests.  A chocolate fountain was set up for the little ones .. and the big ones !!!  Champagne was in abundance that night, with their favourite being brought over from the UK espeicially for that day.


After everyone went home, Paul and Katy spent the rest of their honeymoon at the fabulous Erofili Villas in Lourdas..... where they enjoyed all the comforts of home (except for the swimming pool, of course !!)  As soon as they returned to the UK, they booked their one year anniversary trip back to Kefalonia and Eleni Studios.



As a 'slightly' older bride, Katy chose a wedding dress that wasn't too 'over the top'... but that was comfortable in the hot weather and that had a grecian style to it.

About choosing My Greek Wedding Planners for a wedding in Kefalonia, Katy says.....

...."Just trust Kostas and Teresa.....I would recommend them to anyone who wishes to marry on the gorgeous island of Kefalonia.
From day one of setting the day they have been there for us, from small details to large ones!....anything we wished for we got. It was such an amazing day. The meal was originally outside but got a little chilly within minutes it was all moved inside with all the place settings exactly the same! They are both such lovely people and we are so grateful for them making our day the best day ever! xxxxxx ...."



Ceremony Location:  Aghia Paraskevi Chapel, Lourdas

Reception Location:  Andromeda Centre

Photos:  Photorama/Vasilis Loukatos

Flowers:  Bosoni Art & Flowers

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