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The Dress

As with all wedding gowns, you should wear them and they should not wear you. This is especially the case with a gown in a hot climate. It's important to consider the design, the fabric and when and where you will be wearing your wedding dress.

Beach wedding dresses can be very casual so you don't really even need a veil. A very lightweight shawl draped over your arms can also be a subtle substitute for a veil. This would also be very helpful if later on a cool breeze comes up, you already have a shawl wrap to keep the cold off.


Avoid heavy fabrics and instead opt for lightweight choices such as chiffon, organza, lightweight silks and organdy. For men you can choose cool cotton or linen suits. Keeping to attire made from lighter fabrics will help you to stay cool on the day therefore making your wedding a more comfortable event!

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