Our Greek Wedding - Just the Two of Us

Maybe it's a second (or third) marriage for you and you would rather celebrate it without all the extended family being involved.
Our Sand and Sea wedding plan is just the thing for you.

Maybe you want to tell your loved one you love them ALL over again .....we can organise a ceremony  to renew your wedding vows.

Maybe you want a nice, quiet ceremony on your own before returning to the UK and having a party there for your friends and family.

May we also suggest...

- a romantic boat trip to a private, secluded beach for an intimate wedding ceremony, followed by a delicious meal at a local restaurant.

- a simple ceremony at the local town hall, followed by a lunch at a local restaurant

- a symbolic ceremony at your favourite spot on Kefalonia..... if we can get there, we can arrange it!!

Give us your ideas and your dreams about your perfect wedding for just the two of you and let My Greek Wedding Planners put it all together for you.......  No idea is too crazy, no question is too silly ..... we can help you live YOUR dream wedding in Kefalonia.

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