Heidi And Chris

Kefalonia holds a very special place in their hearts ... Chris proposed to Heidi in Skala in 2012 ... and that's when Heidi started her search for the perfect wedding venue for their wedding in July 2014.

"Chris always imagined a wedding abroad and I suggested Kefalonia because I loved the Island so much, it's accessible for most of our guests and the Island holds sentimental value for us both......We found out about My Greek Wedding Planners by doing some research and your names came up, we read lots of reviews and you gave us a fantastic price as well as having an obvious personal touch which is just what we were looking for :) "





Villa Brio fit the description exactly and after a meeting with Teresa on a visit is 2013, all the details of their dream wedding day starting falling into place.

"The amazing accommodation of Villa Brio which really is second to none - you'll never get bored of that amazing view! Having all our family and friends around us and finally... our wedding day. This was just magical... and my highlight was marrying my best friend and the love of my life and also THE POOL PARTY! "



"I know for a fact that there is nothing myself or Chris would change about our time in Kefalonia or getting married there. We loved every second and we are so thankful for everything you have done. The colours were perfect, the food was perfect, the DJ was perfect, our pictures are perfect! Amanda and Charlotte were perfect and the service from you was perfect - you never missed a trick!......

....There were so many good bits! The two weeks holiday we had in Skala, Kefalonia, the amazing food we ate at various restaurants; Scandanavia, The Village, Paspalis, Nautica, Old Times, Il Destino but to name a few! The wonderful friendly people in Kefalonia who adore and love a good wedding (we felt like celebrities by the end of our trip, everyone knew us!)."

All the celebrations, from the ceremony to the reception took place right on the property of Villa Brio.... Heidi and Chris only left to take some amazing photos on the beach nearby.  Private caterers set up a magnificent reception area, and DJ Thomas got the party started with a carefully chosen playlist from the happy couple.
While Heidi walked up the aisle with her father, a mandolin and guitar played serenaded them, both before, and after the ceremony.





" My advice to future brides and grooms is TO PLAN EARLY, BOOK EARLY (to get exactly what, where and who you want) and SAVE MONEY EARLY. We've been lucky enough to come home to not owing any money to anyone and it really has been the perfect start to married life.  "



"Our day was perfect and our family and friends are already hounding us for a reunion in the very near future! They have all said, "It's the best wedding we have every been to, no-one can top that!"




Accommodation, ceremony & reception:  Villa Brio, Skala

Hair:  Amanda

Makeup:  Charlotte

Photos:  Loukatos Photography

Flowers:  Bosonis Art & Flowers

CLICK HERE to see Heidi's own wonderful You Tube production of her holiday and wedding in Kefalonia


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