Katharyn and Ben


While it was a big risk, Katharyn and Ben knew they were meant to be together forever after knowing each other just ELEVEN days together during a chance encounter in New Zealand. When Ben returned to the UK from their whirlwind romance, they stayed in contact everyday. Ben put all caution to the wind and quickly returned to Australia to meet up with Katharyn again and they continued their journey together around Asia. All that was left to do now was to propose to Katharyn .. and so he did, against the backdrop of the Taj Mahal in India.


Their ceremony took place on the grounds of their villa, Villa Brio in Skala in May 2014, where all of their guests were staying, followed by a fabulous, fun reception  in Lourdas.


When visiting Kefalonia a year before their wedding day, Katharyn and Ben made a point of meeting all of their suppliers, and immediately booked their DJ, their florists and their photographer, VASILIS LOUKATOS


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