Sharon and Steven

June 2016

For couples wishing to do it alone, without all the fuss and decision making, a town hall wedding is just the ticket... and that's exactly what Sharon & Steven wanted to do.

Regular visitors to Kefalonia, they finally decided to make it legal on their next trip here and contacted MGW to ask about the legalities.

Paperwork all in order, we met at the town hall in Keramies on a sunny Friday morning and within 5 minutes, they were pronounced husband and wife.

They had been together already 14 years, and since this was the 'second time around' for both of them, they wanted something quick and simple on the island they love so much.




"Our wedding was a little bit different to most that I have read about, what Teresa has organised. I guess it will have been at lot simpler for her. Sharon and myself have been together for 17 years, we visit Kefalonia every year, we love the island and the people. So it was a natural choice to get married there. We didn't want a big flash wedding it's the second time for both of us. We just wanted to go holiday and get married while we were there. No fuss no beach ceremony just the two of us. Teresa made it just as special for us organising it with out hitch and a no point did she make us feel any different to anyone else. She did a fantastic job.......thank you again Teresa and I am sure our paths will cross at some point -  we are already booked for next year. "




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