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Kefalonia is the largest of the Ionian islands, and arguably the most beautiful, with lovely beaches, clear blue water, mountains and trees - most particularly the striking Kefalonia Fir. Apart from in the very north of the island, most of the buildings were raised after the disastrous earthquake of 1953. This probably slowed the development of tourism, so that Kefalonia is probably the least developed of all the islands, though since the release of the film Captain Corelli's Mandolin in 2000, the island has become better known, and is a favourite retirement location for Britons, amongst other nationalties.  Kefalonia is home to Mount Aenos, which, at 1,620 metres, is the third highest mountain in Greece, and is also famous for the Drogarati Caves, and the underground Melissani Lake.


Tourism to Kefalonia started in the early 19th century when the Royal Family of Greece sent their children in the summer months to Lixouri, but the island was not discovered by most tourists until the 1980s.

Tourists from all over Greece, Europe and the world visit Kefalonia. It is a popular vacation destination for many Italians, due to its close proximity to Italy. As one of the largest islands in Greece, it is well-equipped to handle the influx of tourists during the summertime and it has something to offer everyone.

Kefalonia has hot, sunny summers and mild rainy winters. It can occasionally snow on the island. It is very wet in the wettest month of December when 115 mm of rain can fall. Conversely, it can be very dry in July when usually there is no or little rainfall.

Kefalonia is well known for its endangered loggerhead turtle population which nest on many beaches along the south coast of the island. A small population of the endangered Mediterranean monk seal also lives around the island's coast, especially on parts of the coast which are inaccessible to humans due to the terrain.

Kefalonia offers the perfect backdrop for your wedding and your wedding portraits... Our professional photographers know this island inside out and always declare it is one of the prettiest islands for weddings due to it's diverse landscape .... blue sea surrounded by it's magnificent mountains.




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