Non Traditional Wedding Ideas

Some Non-Traditional Wedding Ideas

Having a non-traditional wedding is all about shying away from old customs or putting a new twist on expected traditions with your own style. It's all about making your celebration portray the real 'you', so whether you're into punk, rock & roll, indie rock, goth or geeky stuff, go right ahead and plan your wedding around the theme and make it truly yours.

If you don't want to have a cookie-cutter wedding, then GOOD for you !! Here are some creative and unique ideas to make your special day a little different and memorable.

1.  Incorporate elements of your heritage into your wedding. Each family has their own way of celebrating customs so this will make your nuptials extra special - even more so if you and your fiance/e have different backgrounds and cultures. David and Emma embraced David's Scottish heritage by wearing a traditional kilt ... as did Mick and Denise. Jasmine & Reyya also paid tribute to their Indian background by wearing beautiful traditional Indian wedding saris.

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2. Not crazy about wearing a big, puffy all-white gown? Consider donning edgy and interesting wedding dresses in different lengths, layers, and colours, or take inspiration from our beautiful brides Susan, Alina, Kimberley and Amy.

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Don't compromise your fashion style. Wear bright coloured shoes, floral footwear,  boots, patterned tights or the very popular beaded barefoot sandals and give your groom and guests an unexpected under-the-gown treat.  Some of our favourites are from Jasmine, Jenny, Kimberley and Niamh.

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4.  Make a statement by accessorizing yourself according to your theme, like Danielle's 'peacock feather' pen and Kadi's 'shabby chic' headband.

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5.  Do away with tight chignons. Let your hair cascade naturally around your face or wear them in dreads or clip-on fun hair extensions and custom hairpieces. Our amazing hair stylists created these beautiful styles for Grace, Sabrina, Alina & Gemma.

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6.  These days, a bridal party isn't entirely necessary but if you really must have your girls close by, get them to choose their own dresses. Several local boutiques and online websites offer super-cute party dresses, retro bridesmaid dresses and adorable Bohemian style outfits so there's a lot to choose from. There's no need to be matchy-matchy too, just give them color swatches and let them have a ball choosing what to wear.  Here are some alternative bridesmaids dresses chosen by Kadi, Monica, Niamh and Hannah.

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7.  Don't care much for real blooms? Everybody loves fresh flowers but we can't deny that they can be expensive and somewhat impractical. Non-floral bouquets and centrepieces consisting of brooches, felt and fabric rosetts, paper, olive branches and ribbons are now widely accepted because, aside from being eco-friendly, the "flowerless flowers" can double as precious keepsakes of your big day.  Deborah and Sabrina chose these beautiful hand-made bouquets for their special day.

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8.  There's nothing more personal than making your wedding accessories by hand, be it your invitation, reception signage, hair accessories, favours, table centrepieces, or even your own gown.  Your guests will appreciate your efforts and you and your husband will be rewarded with souvenirs that you can treasure and even decorate your home with.  Our very creative brides are Sarah, Kadi, Teresa, Gemma & Heidi.

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9.  Have your cake designed according to your theme. Take a look at these personal wedding cakes with themes from their personal lives and with messages for the guests.  If you want to push the envelope further, ditch the traditional wedding cake as well! From a 'naked' cake, to individual cupcakes, all decorated to your style and liking.  Just like Teresa, Emma, Karolina and Sally.

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10.  And finally, why not give "Here Comes the Bride" a rest (apologies to Richard Wagner). March down the aisle to your favorite song and dance to your hearts' content. If you're musically inclined, why not impress your guests with a song !!

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