Tips for getting married in Kefalonia

A few observations and helpful hints that will make your wedding planning a little bit easier .....

1.  Wedding Planner.... find a wedding planner who listens to you, answers you promptly and who has a good reputation.  Check reviews and testimonials... this will give you a very good idea of how competent your wedding planner is and how much trust you can put in them. A good wedding planner will have established relationships with local suppliers and can obtain better deals than if you go direct. Their advice on what is and isn't possible will also help to make the whole process seamless and fun.


2.  Before deciding on your favorite flowers, colours, and spending endless time pinning your favorite details you have to set your budget. This is probably the best and first thing you should do.  There are many free online budget software out there, and even if you are not so tech savvy, a simple calculator and a spreadsheet will help set you up.   Your wedding budget will work as a tracking system for all things wedding related from vendors, to makeup and hair.  This will help you not only keep track of what you spend but also decide on which items you want to spend more, which less and what things you might end up not needing.


3.  Save The Date .... as soon as you think you know when you would like to get married, send out your save the date cards to give your guests plenty of time to plan and save for this special trip.


4.  Embrace the Culture.... Saying ‘I do' on a Greek Island is a great opportunity to bring a bit of local 'culture' into your wedding. Why not have a Meze for your wedding breakfast. There are many other options you could consider, so ask your wedding planner about music, dancing, food, drinks etc.


5. Make sure it's legal ....Often the most daunting and complex thing about getting married abroad is all the different legalities around getting married in another country. A weddings abroad company can remove this stress by doing all the hard work for you. They can tell you exactly what documents you will need, what to get signed and where to send them too. It means you can focus on choosing that all important dress, or picking your centrepieces.


6.  Transporting your Wedding Dress ...Before you buy any boxes or speciality bags, contact your airline and find out what their policy is on carrying wedding dresses on board. Most brides will naturally be nervous of putting their expensive wedding dress in checked luggage and we ourselves would always recommend bringing into the cabin if you can.

Your dress should come in a waterproof protected bag and if it doesn't, insist that it does. If you let the designer or boutique know that you are going to be travelling overseas with it, they will be able to advise you on how to best care for the garment and they might even offer to pack it especially for your trip. If they can't pack it for you then at the very least, find out what sort of tissue paper you can use to protect the embellishments (usually uncoloured acid free paper) and whether or not the material will be safe to press or steam or iron on arrival.


7.  Your guests....They wouldn't miss your wedding for the world, so make sure your guests know you appreciate them travelling so far to be there. It's important for guests to see this as an opportunity for a holiday and not just one day - your wedding. Give guests a choice of accommodation around the wedding venue to fit their budget, and consider having pre-wedding drinks or arranging excursions so that guests get to know each other and have a good time in the lead up to, or after your wedding day.

Another great idea, if possible, is to put a gift bag in your guests' rooms with details of the area, things to do and little touches such as fans, mosquito spray and sun-tan lotion, so they know how much you appreciate them making the journey.


8.  When choosing your wedding venue, consider your guests' needs, for example if anyone has walking difficulties, if there are a lot of children, to try to have something to keep them happy/occupied (pool, child entertainer, playground, etc.), and also how close the venue is to the airport/major towns.


9.  If possible, plan for a mid-week wedding, especially in the very busy months of July & August.  During these months, it is almost certain that every weekend is booked by local greeks getting married, which means all the good suppliers are already appointed, eg. photographer, musicians, chapels, etc. etc.   This ensures better choice and better attention and possibly better prices.


10.  Expect surprises !!  Although getting married in Kefalonia is the perfect way to start your married life together, you should always be prepared for the unexpected and put it in your mind not to get stressed out when something goes differently from what you had planned.  Have a back-up plan, in case of bad weather and assign your bridesmaids and groomsmen as your No. 1 helpers throughout the day, to liaise with your wedding planner and suppliers about any hiccups, so all you have to do is sit back and enjoy the day :)


But the BEST tip we can give you, and all of our previous couples will agree... just RELAX, enjoy the day, and savour every moment.


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